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Setting up event tracking with is super easy, but there are still a few things that you can do to help to ensure success.

Prefix your event names

With complex marketing stacks, it can be very hard to keep track of where events are coming from. For example, Shopify comes with a native Facebook Tracking Pixel integration, to track add to cart, checkout, etc...

This is great, since you basically know what to expect from one Shopify store to the other, but can be confusing as soon as you start mixing in events from

This is why it can be a good idea to use a prefix like [BP] with your event names. i.e. [BP] Add to Cart or BP - Add to Cart

It may be even more helpful to prefix further, to give your Actions context, for example VIDEO - Watched Home Page Video

Use consistent verb conjegation

It can be really helpful when naming events to use verbs, like Watched Video or Button Click.

Just make sure to plan ahead and choose a verb conjugation (Watched Video vs Video Watch or Video View).

Plan ahead

This one is pretty obvious after reading the first two, but it can be very helpful to create an internal document you and your team can reference that outlines some of your decisions, like prefixes, capitalization, and verb conjugation.

Use URL targeting to create broad actions and filter by parameter.

It can be tempting when you just get started with to create a single action for every specific event you would like to track.

Try and restrain yourself, and instead use url parameter targeting to create broad actions that will track a lot of events, and then filtering those events in your specific integrations by the properties passed from the url.

Focus on the "microfunnels" in your app or site

Try and break your application or site into mini funnels, and create actions that track the beginning and end of those funnels.

This way you can focus your user experience on increasing the conversion rate of these tiny experiences, and makes improving the overall experience much more manageable.