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Big Picture Intel: Gain insight into your anonymous users

I’m happy to announce Intel, a new product we’ve been working on that provides insight into the anonymous users visiting a website.

By analyzing the visitor's IP address, Intel finds the specific company they are associated with. The technology then returns a profile of the identified company, including industry and company size classification, which can be used to identify new leads, optimize marketing and ultimately drive more revenue.

Intel Screenshot A screenshot of Big Picture's recent visitors

The problem

We began looking into this area after a number of users requested more insight into the people who hadn’t “signed up” yet and were still anonymous. In particular, companies who practiced account-based marketing were having a difficult time analyzing the impact of their marketing efforts.

If I’m targeting XYZ Company via an email or paid marketing campaign, did the company actually come to my website?

Basically, having the ability to identify anonymous traffic will enable sales and marketing teams to correlate inbound traffic to outbound marketing campaigns and accurately measure the return of their marketing investments.

Existing services have accuracy issues

When digging a bit deeper, we found that there are a number of existing services that can match IP addresses to company name, but we soon discovered that data accuracy is a major issue.

Many services are unable to decipher companies that are hidden behind an internet service provider such as Comcast. So the provided report simply lists that a bunch of telecom companies visited your site. Not very useful...

Other services clearly were doing some sort of fuzzy matching and false positives were a significant problem. When testing out one particular service, it kept identifying me as being from the university that was down the street.

I was not affiliated with the university in any way and was not on the university wifi, yet the service was falsely reporting that someone from the university (me) was visiting the website!


Then to make matters worse, when investigating the company profile that the service returned, it was stating that the university was in the consumer electronics industry. So not only was the service falsely identifying me as being an employee of the university, it was falsely listing the university as a consumer electronics company.

Other companies I spoke with who were using existing IP services had similar experiences. One marketer straight out told me that there was no way the data was correct, yet he continued to use the tool.

How can you make decisions and effectively spend your marketing budget if you don’t trust your data?

Get to work

Let’s build a better solution

What sets Big Picture Intel apart is its proprietary technology that delivers significantly higher data accuracy.

The most accurate solution available

We made it a focus to build the most accurate solution available and in particular, remove false positives from the equation. Then for the company profiles, we have a robust quality control system in place to make sure that customers can rely on the accuracy of our data and use it to power other applications.

What also makes our system unique is our architectural design of the infrastructure powering the service. We are leveraging some of the latest technologies, which enable us to run everything much more efficiently.

That translates to us being able to offer a better quality service at a better price point. How much better? How about half the cost of our competitors.

Send your data anywhere

Lastly, Intel is built on the existing Big Picture platform, which enables us to pipe the data anywhere.

For example, one of our customers is using Intel to auto create leads in their CRM and then notifies their team via Slack. How cool is that?

Intel has been in private beta for several months now and has been heavily tested with the help of our pre-release customers.

It is publicly available today and is a plug-and-play solution. It integrates directly with tools such as Google Analytics and Segment allowing marketers to:

  • Identify new leads - even if the user has never filled out form.
  • Optimize their marketing spend by enabling marketers to accurately measure the return of their investment.
  • Power real-time personalized experiences, such as dynamically modifying a website based on the visitor’s company or industry.

Check it out and let us know what you think!