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BigPicture Node.js SDK

To make it easier to work with our Company Data APIs, we're happy to announce the availability of our new Node.js SDK. The SDK makes it simple to integrate the API into your process and begin leveraging powerful company information in less than a few minutes.

It currently supports:

  • Company API: Lookup business data based on an email or domain name.
  • IP API: Lookup the company behind an IP address, also known as IP to company.


To install the SDK, just run the following:

$ npm install bigpicture-node


Here's an example using ES6 modules and async/await to call the Company API:

import BigPicture from 'bigpicture-node';  
const bigPicture = BigPicture('api_key');  
// or
import { Client } from 'bigpicture-node';  
var bigPicture = new Client('api_key');

let Company = bigPicture.Company;  
let company = await Company.find({domain: ''});


For more information, you can view the SDK on NPM under bigpicture-node, or check out our API docs.