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Data Enrichment

Today we are excited to announce the private beta release of our new enrichment APIs.

They enable you to easily transform a domain or email into a detailed organization or person profile to connect with leads, provide audience insights, or even power sales & marketing automations.

Check out an example:

When we first built our Intel feature that identifies the companies visiting your site, our initial version relied on a mixture of 3rd party services to provide the actual company data.

Although this strategy got us to a minimal viable product, we were frustrated with both the quality of the data being provided and the price it was being offered at. The existing services were just too expensive and the data was often inaccurate.

So over the past year, we've been working to build our own version. We have been testing it both internally and with several enterprise customers for the past several months, and we now feel it's ready to open up a bit more to our general user base.

How is it different from other services?

Short answer: Better quality and lower cost.

The existing services in the space were built over the last 5-10 years, and a lot has changed since then technology wise.

From a cost perspective, the main operating costs are the server infrastructure and the data acquisition. Traditionally, this means having a fleet of servers ready and waiting to accept requests, and then having to broker deals with data providers where contracts are typically 6+ figures.

New technologies such as serverless computing and the advancements in machine learning (ML) have changed this.

With serverless computing, it's now possible to build infrastructures where you only pay for "what you use", which translates to drastically lower server costs. Then with ML, we can gather seemingly disparate bits of data and intelligently find relationships and predict values, which eliminates having to deal with most data providers.

This all translates to drastically lower operating costs and better data quality.

What kind of data is available?

We'll be updating our documentation shortly with more info, but our focus has been primarily business data.

We found that other enrichment services often return "too much" data, such as the person's last 10 jobs or every obscure social network for the past 10 years. That's great, but when evaluating a sales prospect do you really need a lead's MySpace profile?

Being that most of our customers are B2B, we decided to keep things simple and initially focus on the "basics". This means names, job titles, roles, and seniority, along with company info such as name, address, industry, size, etc.

At max, we are able to provide 90+ attributes for a profile, but to start, we've focused on providing at least the basics.

How do I try it out?

The release today is a private beta, so we'll be working with a limited number of companies to help us test it out at scale.

If you're interested in trying it, you can email us at and we'll get you setup.