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Our Evolution

If you've visited BigPicture recently, you've probably noticed some dramatic changes from where we were a couple years ago.

We've been heads down for quite some time, and today I'd like to share with you what we've been working on.

First, a bit of backstory.

Where we started

If you're reading this, you likely tried us out at some point in the past and are familiar with our original product - codeless analytics. Here was an early version of the website.

Original marketing site

The idea was to create a point-and-click interface to configure tools like Mixpanel and Google Analytics without having to write any code - something akin to Optimizely for analytics.

After launching, we looked at who was using the product and why. We found that a significant number were from sales & marketing and were using the product to better understand their audience.

Our product made it easy to track what visitors were doing on site with event tracking, but what visitors do is just half the equation. The other part is understanding who the visitor is.

From events to identifying visitors

We began looking into being able to identify visitors (a.k.a. IP enrichment) after a number of B2B customers requested more insight into the companies who hadn’t “signed up” yet and were still anonymous. In particular, companies who practiced account-based marketing were having a difficult time analyzing the impact of their marketing efforts.

So as a proof of concept, we put together an alpha product to test the idea. We launched it as an add-on with a simple UI to start.

We found that there was significant interest (and room for improvement) in the idea, and it quickly became the key feature for many customers. Based on the feedback, we decided to invest in this feature and make it a core part of the product.

Where are we now

We started from scratch and completely redid our original alpha product.

Using natural language processing and machine learning (ML/AI), our new system now maps the internet to transform IP addresses into actionable company data. We return a full dataset - including industry, company size, technographics, and more.

Some key features:

  • Can identify any account, regardless of size - enterprise to SMB.
  • Less "noise" - ISPs and hosting providers automatically filtered out
  • Over 50 data points on the company record
  • Optional API - for custom solutions

Here's our new dashboard to identify who has visited your site:

Additionally, we built a powerful system to prioritize and act on the data. You can connect your apps and automate your workflows with our real-time automation engine.

Some of the things you can do:

  • Instantly alert sales when target accounts are on your site
  • Find contacts at engaged accounts and upload to Salesforce
  • Activate targeted ABM campaigns
  • Create your own custom workflows

Here's what it looks like to export to Salesforce:

Or if you want to automate it on an ongoing basis:

The feedback so far is promising. One of our beta customers, YugaByte, had this to say:

"Sales reps look at this data 24/7. It's a critical piece of data that helps them prioritize where to spend their energy... For marketing, this helps determine what outbound campaigns to run, what content to create and what ads to pull."

If you're curious to learn more, we're happy to walk you through the product and show you how we can help your business. You can reach our sales team at

To our customers, thank you for your continued support and trusting us with your business.

Michael Frye
Founder at BigPicture