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Getting Started With Real-time Sales Alerts

Data has shown how critical timing is when following up with an interested lead. The odds of making a successful contact with a lead are 100x greater if the attempt is made in the first 5 minutes after the lead engages.

It makes sense. When you’re researching a product/service, you’re more likely to be open to a conversation when it’s top of mind. So knowing when a target account is active on your website and showing buying intent gives your team a significant competitive advantage.

With BigPicture, it's easy to setup real-time sales alerts to notify your reps when their account is on the site. Here's what a simple email alert could look like:

Choose Trigger Type

Let's walk through how to set this up.

1. Create a trigger for "Visit Started"

After creating a new Behavior, add a new Website Event trigger.

Choose Trigger Type

In this case, we want to know immediately when an account lands on the site, so we're going to select "Company: Visit Started".

Choose Visit Completed

2. Create the Email Action

Now that we have a trigger setup, we're going to create the action to email the account owner.

Add a new action and select Email.

Select email action

With our native Salesforce integration, it's easy to select the account owner for the "To" field. Just select the "Salesforce Account Owner Email" from the available options.
Setup account owner email

Let's keep the message simple for now and just add the account owner's name and a link to the account record in Salesforce. You can add whatever text you want and insert variables from the available options.

Setup account owner email

3. Add a Filter

At this stage, we have a fully functioning Behavior that will alert the account owner via email whenever an account visits the website. With the current configuration though, we haven't specified any other conditions, and this will alert the owner for all accounts - accounts not yet in Salesforce, then all accounts in Salesforce regardless if a prospect or an existing customer.

So let's setup a filter to only send the email for the following conditions:

  • The account is in Salesforce.
  • The account is not an existing customer.
  • There is an account owner
  • Then, for this example, only if there is an open opportunity.

Here's what the fully configured filter looks like:
Fully configured filter

Now switch it on and you're good to go! You've setup a Behavior that will alert your sales team whenever an account is on the website that has an open opportunity.

Next steps

We've kept this Behavior simple to start, but there are a variety of other things you can do to customize your alert.

Examples include:

  • Check if the account visited certain pages with the Website Activity action. You can look up data for the last 24 hours, the last 7 days, this quarter, or even the lifetime of the account.
  • Look up the account in Outreach. See if the account has an active sequence or the date it was last touched.
  • Look up (or insert) data from a Google Sheet. Useful for looking up any custom data points your team has.
  • Alert your team on Slack. Easily post to a Slack channel with a custom message.

If you're already setup on BigPicture and interested in getting started with sales alerts, you can reach our team at We can work with you to figure out a solution that's specific to your team's use case.

If you're not yet a customer and want to see how we can help your team improve your demand generation strategy, you can chat with our team below or visit our website to see the full BigPicture platform in action.

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