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We are excited to introduce our integration with We recently released our Salesforce integration, and the trinity of BigPicture + CRM + sales engagement tool is an incredibly powerful combination. With both a CRM and sales engagement tool integrated, BigPicture makes it easy to determine if your prospects are being properly engaged, as well as using our powerful automations platform to act on this data.


If you haven’t already, check out our article about our Salesforce integration, which goes over some basic differences between us and our competitors. Basically, whereas most other reverse-IP lookup tools depend on using Google Analytics as a way to “see” data, we present data in a manner specifically designed for sales and marketing teams, aligning the companies visiting your site to where they are in your sales pipeline.

While Salesforce is crucial for being able to display website visitors according to their place in the sales pipeline, what we’ve found is that most sales reps spend the majority of time in their sales engagement tool. This is where they’re checking up on accounts, looking at who they should be reaching out to next, and starting sequences or dialing. And even though Salesforce has data synching, it’s not 100% reliable, and there are enough data discrepancies that most reps end up checking their sales engagement tool anyway.

Additionally, trying to make decisions off of the Last Activity Date in Salesforce can be misleading. Since any activity on a Salesforce account will update the Last Activity date, it’s not always a reliable measure for knowing when the account was last touched. The source of truth for that is once again the sales engagement tool.

The BigPicture Integration

For all the above reasons, it was crucial for us to build an integrated experience with data between us, a CRM, and a sales engagement tool. We’re keeping it simple to start. Once the Outreach integration is enabled, you’ll see an additional column in your dashboard:

Outreach data column in BigPicture Dashboard

In the new Outreach column, we show:

  • The last touch date
  • An icon indicating whether the account has an active sequence

Hover over a cell to see a tooltip with some additional details, including when the account last engaged:

Outreach integration tooltip


In addition, we have this data (and others) available through our automation engine, so you can have actions fire depending on an account’s state in Outreach!

Outreach data in BigPicture automations

Use Cases

Here is how some of our customers have been leveraging this integrated data:

See active accounts that aren’t being worked

Unclaimed accounts active on site

Know when an account is being worked, versus when it’s up for grabs. Accounts go dark all the time, but when they come back on site, you want to know. We make this easy by showing when they were last touched in Outreach, so if you see an account that hasn't been touched in forever, you know it's fair game for a rep to claim.

Make sure your most interested accounts are in a sequence

Top account without an active sequence

When an account is active on your website, they likely want to know something about your product. With BigPicture, you can tell at a glance whether a hot account is getting a sequence, so you can quickly make sure your reps are staying on top of accounts.


While it’s still early, the main benefit of our Outreach integration is obvious: no more cross-referencing between BigPicture, Salesforce, and Outreach. For the first time, you can simply look at your BigPicture dashboard, and know everything that’s going on between your website visitors and your reps without needing to switch tabs or search for an account.
Perhaps you’d like to see what our Outreach integration can do for your sales org? Contact us today and we’d love to chat!

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